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Our 1989 Jeep YJ conversion has been going strong for 3 yrs now.

BUT this week I'm having a problem with reduced power.
Nothing has really changed, but the acceleration/power now seems to hit a hard limit at about 240 amps. If I floor it for a while it further reduces to about 200amps, and the Curtis 1231c-8601 controller now makes the 1.5khz overheating alert. The 200amp limit goes away after I coast or reduce power for a bit and then it goes back to about 240amps.

The pot box seems ok (moving fully through its range and getting the correct resistance) and we get full voltage from batteries to the controller. All connections from controller to motor are solid.

Any ideas on what the problem might be? Do you think this is fixable? Or am I just looking at needing a new controller?

RichRebuilds did a spot about the conversion when I asked them for some help. The spot is on YouTube as "everything wrong with an electric jeep wrangler" click bait title, but the piece is pretty fair.
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