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Because of the slightly higher charge in each battery, the total voltage exceeds the 60v by about 5v causing the controller not to work.

The Kelly controller can take up to 130v so we aren't worried about blowing it, we are just trying to get it to work right at 60v.
The 2 statements above sound very contradictory with many half-information (i wouldn't call them untrue).

1) What do you mean by the controller will not work at 65V since it can handle up to 130V? I know there is definitely some allowance for overvoltage protection, but it wouldnt be double the rated voltage right?

2) Why don't just run at a higher voltage (65V) with the controller?

3) Is there a reason why you are choosing specifically 60V? competition rules? safety rules?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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