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Regen LiFePO4 with PM motor

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hi guys,

I'm struggling to understand if Kelly PM 48V controller can regen Lithium LiFePO4 or LiFeYPO4 batteries.

I have an parallel hybrid boat with a 18HP diesel on the same axel as the PERM PMG132.
I asked Kelly but I am very confused by the answer:
- they replied that the regen tension is proportional to the generator speed
- they put on their website that the controller "boost the regen voltage to the battery voltage" but that it can't cap the generator voltage if too high.

Has anyone here has a working configuration with Regen and Reverse, a PM motor and 48V LiFePO4 batteries ?

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Regen Current is proportional to the generator RPM

The motor voltage is boosted so that it matches the battery voltage and charges the batteries, so it doesn't matter what RPM you turn at, it'll still boost to pack voltage. But the higher the RPM, the more current you can charge the batteries.

What controller model are you looking at?

Careful going in reverse on the PMG motor, it's meant for one direction only.
Not a lot of regen controllers out there, honestly. Sevcon has one though.

Get a guarantee from Kelly if you buy one that they'll work with you on making it work and replace it if it blows up.
200A peak regen?

yeah, talk to sevcon, not sure if that's doable.

Wouldn't 200A tend to load that engine down pretty good? that is a lot of regen.
100V damages the 48V controller.

You need a 100V or higher controller. You rate it the same way in generation mode as you would with battery mode. Also, you can't boost to a higher voltage than the controller is rated. Also, you can't feed the controller voltage higher than it is rated. You CAN however take 50V input say, and boost it to 100V on a 100V controller.

5800RPM seems REALLY high for a Perm.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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