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I just bought a 2010 Lexus GS450H transmission and inverter, etc. on ebay and will be starting a build thread and a video series, here's what I paid to help any of you out, bought all from the same seller, FREE freight shipping (I learned we have to provide a commercial address with a loading dock or a fork lift) costs below with eBay taxes added when appropriate

$760 - transmission with two orange high voltage wires (with OIL PUMP and its low voltage harness)
$250 - inverter
$150 - oil pump controller
$125 - drive shaft
$125 - flywheel (to use the center piece to lock out the input shaft)
$100 - entire battery high voltage orange wiring harness

wanted the transmission crossmember but he did not have one, also wanted the main inverter black low voltage wiring harness but he did not have one

from a different seller I bought the 2018 BMW 530e 9.1 kWh 26 Ah 350 Volt hybrid battery pack with it's high voltage orange wire harness for $975 I drove and picked it up myself, this pack is great as a starter pack to get you rolling for about 20 plus miles and allow you to figure everything out

I plan on using a Tesla Model S Gen 2 charger for $300 with Simp BMS and Damien Maguire's Lexus GS450H VCU (an open source Vehicle Control Unit) for $350

I hope that helps you out
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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