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Remanufactured Kia Soul EV batteries

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Does anyone have experience buying parts from some of these very similar-looking OEM parts websites?:

Remanufactured Pack Assembly-Batt 37510-E4350R |

Remanufactured Pack Assembly-Batt 37510-E4350R | Kia Parts Quick

Remanufactured Pack Assembly-Batt 37510-E4350R - - Genuine Kia Parts | Kia Auto Parts

The parts in question are "remanufactured" Kia Soul EV battery pack assemblies, PN 37510-E4350R

The only diagram I have found for reference shows the brand new pack assembly with the exact same part number - minus the "R":


Is it possible that the remanufactured pack assemblies are really that cheap? They are listed for around $1600 USD. The websites also sell new pack assemblies for the more realistic price of $12,000-$13,000.

I have not had any luck getting information from customer service at any of these sites, so I don't know if you have to be affiliated with a dealer or service center to make a purchase. For that matter, I don't know what you would actually be purchasing since the 37510-E4350R does not show up on any diagrams. I suppose it could be a single module, but it looks like there are differences between the 8 modules so there would have to be 8 different part numbers.

Can anybody help shed some light on this?
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Anyone been able to get one of these packs without a valid VIN and core to return? The price is killer and there are not a lot of obvious candidates for high voltage packs now that those LG Chem cells from the Pacifica hybrid seem to be unavailable.
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