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Removing 1 of 34 batteries from Orion BMS

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I’m trying to remove one battery from my EV because I think it is causing issues with the pack and I’m unsure what to do with the cell tap. I haven’t been able to find instructions on the Orion website.

I have 34 batteries and a 48 cell Orion BMS. Cell taps 18 thru 24 are unused and are connected to battery 17 cell tap, and cell taps 42 thru 48 are unused and are connected to battery 34 cell tap. I’m trying to remove battery 34. Should I stack battery 34 cell tap onto battery 33 cell tap and adjust cell population settings to remove battery 34? If so, do I change the settings first and then make the hardware change?
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That's what I would try i.e. join cell taps 33,34. Remove (or jump around) the suspect battery then adjust population. It's reversible if for some reason it doesn't work.
Thanks Frank, It worked.
Good to know! Those "non multiple of 12" situations can be tricky.
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