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Remy HVH250-90-SOM Electric Vehicle Motor 210kW-pk 200-700V 300A

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2,380.00 USD, plus 109 USD for US shipping via Fedex

"Remy HVH250-90-SOM Electric Vehicle Motor 210kW-pk 200-700V 300A. Condition is New.
Motor may have residual oil from testing but is otherwise in great condition. We have units with red and green labels. There's no difference (the part number is the same), but if you have a preference, please message us immediately and let us know. If we can accommodate, we will. Motor appearance may differ slightly from pictures (minor scratches, etc.).

International orders accepted, buyer pays all shipping and customs costs. Listing is set at $20 for international shipping, this is just handling costs. You will pay after the calculated shipping costs.

Just as an aside, this motor is oil cooled, and will need an oil filter, pump and reservoir, as well as either an oil-compatible radiator, or a heat exchanger for water cooling. Additionally, the oil passages just kind of terminate at the front and rear plates of the motor, so you will need a custom? fabricated plate to route the oil to and from the pump.

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I am looking for two PMSM motors similar spec to HVH250-90-SOM for study project.
I am designing the controller for the motor.
The motors are connected as follow:


The battery voltage in the range of 450V to 700V.
I don`t have any cooling system to cool down the two motors on my bench.
What is your recommendation to cool down the motor? or if you also sell the cooling system.
Thank you

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I'm gonna answer your first question.There's another Borg Warner motor in the serie HVH250 with similar specs to the HVH250-090SOM. It's the motor HVH250-115SOM with a continuous power of 60 kW. There're also the motors YASA P400R and the Danfoss motor EM-PMI250 with a continuous power of 60 and 80 kW, respectively. That's all I can remember.
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