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Hello Folks,

I recently got my first EV. It's a C! ev'ie with a trashed set of Thundersky LifePo4 cells, 25 in all.

I am planning to replace them. There are some reasonably priced LIPO cells around and I'm going to use them but I want to just bounce my ideas off the panel to see if I'm on the right lines.

The current pack is 25 x 3.2V x 160A/H. That's 80V and 12.8kw/h.
Optimal charge 80A. Optimal discharge 80A.

The cells I am thinking of are 3.7V x 20A/H.
Optimal charge 0.5C=10A. Optimal discharge 0.5C=10A

So if I put 8 in parallel I will have a 3.7V x 160A/H cell. If I put 22 of those in series I will have 81.4V and 13 Kw/h.

Optimal charge 80A. Optimal discharge 80A.

This seems reasonable to me but am I on the right lines?


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