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Good day~

I currently have a project in a vehicle in which I want to replicate a small button PCB board with my own buttons using resistance values for the circuit so the car knows which function to activate. I have already learn some PCB design knowledge from website: and I done a similar project in another vehicle and wired it up so that each button press closes the circuit and with the current passing through the specified resistor, it gives the vehicle a certain resistance value.I have managed to source the wiring diagram for the PCB board as follows for which I have removed the actual resistor values and replaced with R(X),just see the picture I added in attachment.

Having not come from an electronics background, I am having trouble understanding how to wire this in practice and what to actually wire to each button.With all of the resistors being in a row and the circuit being closed at all times no matter if a button is pressed or not, does that mean the car is likely to be expecting a certain resistance by default (i assume the addition of all resistances?) and then a change in resistance once each button is pressed?

If that's the case, how would this be implemented with wires and film resistors?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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