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Resolve-EV VCU Troubleshooting or Leaf PDM Testing

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I'm starting on my first EV conversion and I am using Leaf parts and the Resolve-EV VCU. Don't know where to go for help, so I'm throwing this out here. Hooked up the VCU for testing and so far nothing after the "splash screen".
I have checked my wiring and I believe these are the only exceptions to the instructions that I did... Instead of connecting the INV pins 42, 46, 48 to a relay driven off pin 44 on the controller, I have it wired directly to my +12v on my power supply. Pins 25 and 41 for Brake and Rev relays are disconnected. Pin 8 (brake input) is connected to +12v through a spst switch to power supply. Pin 9 fan relay is disconnected. All grounds go to a busbar connected to -12v on power supply. PDM case and Battery case are grounded there as well. So to recap, when powering on ignition I hear a single clunk from battery case and nothing on OLED display. PDM is not outputting power to 12v battery from DC-DC converter.
When I run LeafSpy against the battery, comes back with data so that seems good. How do I know if my PDM and Inverter aren't just "dead"? Any quick way to test?

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The inverter needs that relay. If you start the inverter before the controller, the inverter wont see any CAN messages and shut itself off. Add the relay, and it will work :)
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