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Resolve-EV VCU Troubleshooting or Leaf PDM Testing

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I'm starting on my first EV conversion and I am using Leaf parts and the Resolve-EV VCU. Don't know where to go for help, so I'm throwing this out here. Hooked up the VCU for testing and so far nothing after the "splash screen".
I have checked my wiring and I believe these are the only exceptions to the instructions that I did... Instead of connecting the INV pins 42, 46, 48 to a relay driven off pin 44 on the controller, I have it wired directly to my +12v on my power supply. Pins 25 and 41 for Brake and Rev relays are disconnected. Pin 8 (brake input) is connected to +12v through a spst switch to power supply. Pin 9 fan relay is disconnected. All grounds go to a busbar connected to -12v on power supply. PDM case and Battery case are grounded there as well. So to recap, when powering on ignition I hear a single clunk from battery case and nothing on OLED display. PDM is not outputting power to 12v battery from DC-DC converter.
When I run LeafSpy against the battery, comes back with data so that seems good. How do I know if my PDM and Inverter aren't just "dead"? Any quick way to test?

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