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Hello people,

I am new to this forum.
Have read a lot usefull threads on this forum so i dicided to register.
And now its time to introduce me and my project.

I am Matthijs i live in the netherlands and i have a passion for technique.
Recently i've purchased a stranded project car, A Electric Jaguar XK8!
or at least whats left of it...
I dont know a lot of history about the car but,
I have been told that the car had some previous owner's in the netherlands but is was imported by a company called Rebbl and was originally build by The Rebirth auto company in Florida.
I think both company's went out of business. but i would like to get in contact with the former founders.

the car has got no battery anymore, various parts where disasammbled, the interior is wrecked and its overall in a bad condition.
after i have bought and transported the car to my workshop i found out that behind the imense amount of electric cable spaghetti, the main battery had coused a short circuit somehow, because off the overall damage of the car.
ive seen a real horrable massacre of evaporated aluminium parts, toasted electronics and cables
There where even holes burnt into the bodywork.
Jup its almost a wreck. but this piece of british /american/dutch art has also got its benefits:

zivan dc dc converter ,
EVnetics Soliton 1 controller,
Dual warp 9 dc motors with a transwarp direct to a drive shaft and differential.
Three programmeble Elcon chargers
tbs electronics shunt and monitoring material
Dutch registration !!!

And above all it has always been my dream car.

I have also got my hands on two battery packs from wrecked cars.
I am planning to build a battery pack with 160 Lev 50 cells. 2p80s configuration to provide the energy.
the lev 50 cells come with OEM can bus cell monitoring modules.
And i am trying to learn how to build a BMS with an arduino board
that controlls cell status and hopefully can balance the pack.

I have got no experience with Ev's only experimented with an electric diy scooter when i was 13 years old or so
but i do have experiance with dared projects. and love to learn on the job.

therfore i've joined this forum and hope to get some help from you experianced people.
so i can restore this beauty like she used to shine in florida ten years ago!

Vriendelijke groeten,



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