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Resurrecting a Failed conversion

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I've collected an old Worksman trike with an improved electric drive that isn't working, I'm wanting to set it right. I'm also wanting to build an extension so I can give it a bed and use it like a truck close to home.

First order of business is giving it back a crank and removing the electric drive sprocket which is bolted to the pedal drive sprocket, literally using the space between the teeth. Bolts are just close enough together that it doesn't come apart. That means I'd have to attach the drive to the OTHER rear wheel. Anyone ever done that?

I'm curious what potential there is for keeping the MY1016 motor and doubling the voltage from 24 to 48? I can't imagine that 200 watts will work out for me. The CT 101 C1 controller will have to go, right? Know a suitable replacement?
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Thanks, that is indeed what I was looking for. Just wish I could post and ask some more, but as with all but one attempt on that board in the past, mine vanished.

I figure I'll upgrade the 24v 450w currietech conversion for a bike I have and use the controller on this motor and keep it 24v. Might be better than sending 36v through that little controller it's got now. Not sure what I'm going to do to get the pedals connected.
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