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Both batteries have the same weight and price. If you do the math, the stored energy is almost exactly the same.

EV runs at 50MPH max speed, 30mph average, 30miles range, so both voltages (128 or 96V) can provide that speed and range with the DC Controller. At 96V I will have to use full-throttle to reach the expected max speed.

What batteries would you choose? 6V or 8V

The charger is not an issue, the controller is the 144V800A Kelly KDHE, Motor: AMD 9" DC Series, so far so good after 2 year of use at 120V, and 154V

It looks like DC controllers are best if used at full throttle... less stress on MOSFETs "ON/OFFs" right? almost like a bypass and less losses. I may go for 6V batteries.

Thanx for your comments!

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