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I have started a new thread to discuss this, with more details on DVLA's (incorrect) interpretation of the current law:-

UK re-classification to EV with DVLA

In response to brian_ above, there is indeed a section in VERA 1994 that states the CO2 figure of an M1 class vehicle cannot be changed (and I understand why), but that whole Schedule on VED rates for vehicles of that age is irrelevant as there is overriding caveat that "electric vehicles are exempt" and legal advice that I have taken supports my view that this means the Schedule for M1 vehicles needs not be considered. DVLA can change the Taxation Class to 'Electric' as there is NOTHING in the Regs to disallow that. The CO2 figure can be left in place on the V5, but once the TC is 'Electric' the emissions figure is meaningless.

One could say DVLA must be expert on interpreting UK law, but that seems not to be the case and in my discussions with them, found them to be including additional statements that supported their position, but which they had simply invented themselves as they do not exist within those regs. So no, I would say they are far from expert in these matters.

Anyway, might I suggest any discussion regarding the general application of the regs by DVLA (i.e. not about any specific cars) is directed to the other thread.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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