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S-10 Tilt Bed - what to do with bumper?

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Hi everyone,

We're elbow-deep in our S-10 conversion and it's going great so far. The rest of the parts are enroute and will be here before the end of the month. Very exciting!

We're putting a tilt-bed system on the S-10 (long bed). The basics of it are very straightforward. However, the rear bumper is a little more tricky. It doesn't look like the bed can tilt up with the bumper in place. We want to maintin the original bumper mounting system for safety (it will be driven by students after all ;-) ).

Can anyone shed some light on how this is approached?

Thanks a bunch,
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Bueller is barfing up a lung, or so someone said. I think he is dying maybe, that's what I heard....:p

I have no idea what a S-10 is so I Googled some images. I assume yours is pretty much standard and is not a monster truck on 60" rubber or body kitted on 20" chrome spinners.

Is the rear bumper a seperate metal bumper or a moulded plastic one?

Is the bumper in the way of the body tilt?

A photo of the back end of the truck showing the bed, bumper and bumper brackets may help. Also where the bed is hinged to see how the back end of the bed moves relative to the chassis and bumper mounting.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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