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S-10 Tilt Bed - what to do with bumper?

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Hi everyone,

We're elbow-deep in our S-10 conversion and it's going great so far. The rest of the parts are enroute and will be here before the end of the month. Very exciting!

We're putting a tilt-bed system on the S-10 (long bed). The basics of it are very straightforward. However, the rear bumper is a little more tricky. It doesn't look like the bed can tilt up with the bumper in place. We want to maintin the original bumper mounting system for safety (it will be driven by students after all ;-) ).

Can anyone shed some light on how this is approached?

Thanks a bunch,
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Thanks for the replies and suggestions everyone. We already have the bed tilting using hinges. We choose the rear tilt to allow for more access to the frame/batteries. The side tilt couldn't high enough to allow easy access.

Sounds like noone has a real "elegant" solution to the bumper issue. I think we'll end up dropping it down and extending it a little, then filling in the gap with some sheet metal and painting it to match the body. Should blend well and still be a good safety item.

Thanks again,
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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