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I have this power supply from a device that is not needed anymore. It was in use less than 5 hours so i can safely say it is brand new. It is a backup battery unit designed to power my old device even if the power in the house goes out. I have some questions about the compatibility with a DIY project i am working on.

I'm sure it's obvious to most of you, but i labeled the parts in one pic so that i could pinpoint my question.

A. is the battery terminal clips
B. the feed of power to the device not being used anymore
C. the plug that recharges the battery

So then logically D is the board that feeds power from the battery, and E is the recharging unit. The pic isn't great, but there are 2 ribbons that attach D to E. I can also provide better pics if something isn't clear enough.

My question is this...

I am building a semi-small boombox with a car audio head unit. Since a car battery provides 12v, and the battery in this unit provides 12v, can i use this contraption to power my DIY project?

Can i simply cut off the adapter on the end of B, expose some copper, and attach to the power of the head unit?

It seems simple to me, but my knowledge of electricity is VERY limited and i don't want to burn down my house.


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