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S10 Chevrolet chassis w/ Code504 upgrade-$3500

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This is an ad for a 1998 Chevrolet chassis with the Code 504 upgrade for the 1941-1947 Chevy. If you're looking for a chassis to upgrade your classic car, this is for you! The Code 504 kit strengthens and updates the chassis with body mounts and cross-members. The frame is protected with a coating of Eastwood Rust Encapulator.

This sale includes:

-1998 Chevy chassis with IFS, power steering, and tires
-2x2 Rear
-Chevy small block engine mounts (new)
-Installed Code504 kit ($1500 value)
-118" wheelbase

Price is negotiable. Please DM and I'll set up a time to talk and visit. Cash preferred but will accept PayPal deposits.

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