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Salam Alaykom (Hello) From UAE

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My Name is Hamzah and I am a resident of UAE (Dubai) I am an electrical engineer, and I have a thing for building cars. recently I have been thinking about making my own sleeper EV, and try to legally register it but I have no idea where to start, so I might just keep a watch on your website till I start getting an Idea on what motor/ controller/ battery pack to go with.

I am thinking to do a vw "beetle" sleeper, since you can get a Japanese import here in Dubai for 1000$ or so, then sell all the original engine and other parts to save some money.

What do you guys recommend? where should I start to look or is there somewhere to go to read more about different EV motor and controller ideologies.

for business owners who wants to expand across to the middle east PM me as EV and Hybrid is just starting to grow in here because of the increased fuel prices.

yours Truly,
Hamzah Ghanem
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