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sandrail gone electric in tampa??

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I would like to build an electric sandrail

It should have enough power to do about 60 mph or more for 20 miles twice a day, plus 30 mph for a an hour or more. basically enough to drive to the base and do a little driving around then go home. I would like to do this on one charge. if not I know I can plug it in on base. I live in Florida I want to enjoy the weather without the smell or noise of the VW engine. (no offense) and not pay $3.50 a gallon for gas. I don’t want to off road it, just jump a curb once in a while or run it along the beaches.


1) why has no one done this as a daily driver? are they afraid of the batteries getting wet?
2) Is it the cost of the batteries vs the VW motor not worth it or…..
3) If this is a daily driver how do you calculate the use of lights and radios into the power consumption?
4) How do you calculate the weight of the vehicle VS the power and determine the amount of batteries.

I have novice to beginner mechanical skills, but I have friends who are experts.
Sandrails here are a dime a dozen – no worries there.

I am willing to spend 10 or 15 grand as a project, I will abuse craigslist as much as possible for the parts

Are there any Tampa people that are doing this??

Thanks in advance!!!
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I see your in Tampa area. I just met a group of guys this Saturday at their Suncoast Electric Vechicle Assoc meeting over in Clearwater. is their website.

One of the guys, Steve, drives his EV to MacDill AFB each day like you mentioned you want to do. Another guy named Terry showed me pictures of his electric sand rail like you are also considering. He says its quick but the range is not what he would like so he needs to rethink his battery pack.

We all filled out email list and MichaelJayClark collected the contact information. I contacted Michael by sending him a private message in this forum.

I am just getting started with my project but I have found everyone very helpful.

Good Luck
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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