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SANITY CHECK!!! HV Circuit and controls

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Hi there,
What you guys think?? can you spot any flaws? did I missed something? I decided to go with (2) HV relays to split the current, each indidual contactor can handle up to 500 Amps and with a dual motor and INSANE MODE can get close to 1,000 amps. The only thing I have to figure out is if the Tesla Model S Power distribution module is just a jumper to the F-SDU when pre charging. All buss bars will handle 1,000 amps
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Of this is a road vehicle, each of your battery boxes need disconnect contactors in them.

You also need rated contactors. Two 500A contactors in parallel to conduct 1000A is wishful thinking. The slightest difference in contact resistance will tilt the current sharing to RUM (rapid, unexpected, melting).
Thanks for your feedback, yes is an on road vehicle, I can add another disconnect for the front battery. About the contactors I'll be using the TE Connectivity EV200AAANA they can hold up to 500 amps each but in reality I'm not getting 1,000 amps, maybe 900-950 amps total...anyways what you will recommend to go around this issue?
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