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Sayin' Hello, and a Classic Car Conversion!

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Greetings all, new user checking in!

I've been interested in EV's for a few years now, and my dad and I toyed with the idea of converting an S10, ended up getting one...and then got too busy with a new job (him) and school (me).

Fast forward to now. I'm a freshman student at virginia tech studying ME, and volunteering for the Hybrid Electric team. My interest in building an EV is rekindled, and I've been devouring anything I can on the subject at the library.

The car we're going to convert this summer is a 1971 MG Midget. I already stripped out the engine and all of the unnecessary components. Next up, shopping.

I'm looking at the soliton jr. controller right now, and from what I've seen so far, people on here seem to be very happy with theirs. Batteries are probably going to be Lead-acid, and either a 72v or 96v system.

We only need a range of about 30-40 miles as a nice-day convertable-commuter car (no heating, cooling), and I'm feeling good about the conversion so far. I'm going home for spring break, and will be weighing the car, making a few tests, and doing up the engine and trunk in CAD so I can do packaging from school.

Thanks for reading, I'm sure I'll be coming for help fairly often :) !

So here's a question for y'all:
DC-DC do you tackle the issue of charging a 12v system? Do you just use a 12v battery and charge it seperately, or do you have a converter? What kind? Any other ideas to run auxiliaries like lights, radio, etc?

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Welcome to the club!

You'll likely have difficulties getting 30-40 miles off just lead. You'd be much better off just using lithium.

For DC-DC most people use a DC-DC converter that runs off the main pack. Works best with a small battery to back it up. For mine I just have a 5 watt solar panel charging the ACC batt, no extra charger necessary. That may work well for you with just running it during the day and not using heating or cooling.
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