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schabmueller TSL115-16. Not working

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For my internship I am working on an electric cart that can drive itself based on an already existing arduino written application (the company wants it to become bigger but not rewrite code). I am taking this project from another intern who picked the motors and controllers. I have already begun making my own controllers. I am however running into some problems.

The problem is, as would make sense, I can't get the motor to move. Even when i try to move the wheel by hand it won't budge. Perhaps anyone here has answers.

I am thinking this is a passively active break that needs to be released by powering the wires to the break. When powered solely nothing happens but when the entire engine is powered you can hear a clicking noise.

However the wheels are still nog turning and there i am still unable to move the wheels by hand.

The motor I am using is a Sep-ex or SEM (separately excited motor) I have the typenumber right here aswell: schabmueller TSL115-16.

perhaps someone here knows the inner workings of the motor. i already tried with the manufacturer but didn't really gain any information. Especially how does the break work. this seems the biggest problem for me right now...

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p.s. i wasn't sure if i had to post this in here or in controllers. If you need more info to answer or need me to move my post please ask