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The setup: Mazda MX-5 NC, 25 kWh Winston LFP (416V), EMRAX 268 medium voltage motor (axial flux sync PM) straight to diff, controller TBD.

I'm interested in opinions (or better: experience!) on choosing the optimal controller for this setup. Also, if anybody has a better idea for batteries, motor, etc. I'm all ears! The basic idea is: 130km (80 mi) range, 130km/h (80 mph) top speed, sporty accelleration, regen. Also weight is an issue as the MX-5 has a very low GVWR.

The EMRAX can deliver 500 Nm but requires ~400A for that. My pack can deliver that (I think), but some controllers can't.

In order of increasing price EMRAX "endorses" these controllers:

- Scott Drive SD200 (450A peak, 400V)
- Unitek Bamocar D3 400 200/400 (280A peak, 400V)
- Sevcon Gen4-S8 (300A peak, 400V)
- Sevcon Gen5-S9 (400A peak, 450V)

Performance-wise, the Scott Drive looks best. Also, it has a friendlier price. But for EV converions it looks like people (in Europe?) are using the Unitek Bamocar, but for me that gives me ~40% less torque.

And if you know a reason why this all is a stupid idea to begin with, please do tell!
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