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Searching drive shaft coupler?

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Hello experts,

For our hobby E-Vehicle we got the motors and being electrical guys are stuck with the mechanical part. We are planning some tests where we require to couple the two motors on the shaft together. The spline of the motor has 22 teeths with major diameter being 23.8mm and minor of 21.6mm. I thought of coupling using two parts in symmetry (see picture) from Golf 3. Now my problem is that on the website of the part manufacturer it states 22 splines. My question is that is the spline tooth count a standard? I mean would this 22 fit the 22 of the motors that we imported from China?
Can anyone help me with this.

Regards from Germany.


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Could you be more specific regarding the Chinese imported motor? Now days there is a wide variety of motor shaft styles.

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Hello Danny,

Its sort of a no name thing. The datasheet I luckily got says on top of spline:


Then it has got some more values in chinese. What I translated was the major and minor dia of the spline as I wrote before.

Do you know what standard it could be?
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