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Does anyone know if there is a special/custom wiring diagram for the late 1970's Sebring/Vanguard CitiVan, during the short transitional period when the first company went bankrupt and then it was bought out and became the Comuta-Car?

A friend of mine recently obtained one of these rare odd ducks, of which there are apparently only about ten of them in the world. Finding information about it is... rather difficult.

The VIN for this thing is 703SN0005 and says on the label manufactured 3/77 ... which does not follow the usual Citicar numbering that has "SV" in the middle.

I have uploaded some videos about it on Youtube, if anyone is interested. I'm just recording on my phone and uploading it, not doing any professional editing.

Youtube: Dale Mahalko's Tech Projects


I have been trying to figure out the wiring, but it is a bizarre mess inside the dashboard area. It seems like someone was messing around with the wiring, maybe a buyer was trying to hack it for some reason.

There are all sorts of wires cut and taped together with black vinyl electrical tape, and there are some wires hanging loose in midair that don't connect to anything.

Also the fact that there is no hood on these vehicles makes it a nightmare for me trying to figure out the wiring mess up front. I have at least been able to remove the dashboard, but all I can do is then peek down inside through the dashboard panel cutout.

I think I am going to be forced to drill out the pop rivets and remove the hood/windshield to get access to the hacked-up wiring.
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