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New user here and at the very beginning of an EV conversion idea with a French car called the Secma QT500. It might take a year or two just to find the car because only one or two come up every year or two so it will be a long project.

The car has a 12hp (21Kw) 2 Stroke engine in rear. Once removed the total kerb weight is about 300kg. The key challenge will be the battery pack space, because these vehicles have no bonnet space, the body is rotomoulded polyethelene and difficult to modify as is a structural pod onto of a tubular chassis. The only space is the engine compartment and this is tiny anyway.

So far the plan/idea is:

Look into feasibility of building a ~30s20p 18650 5kwh 72v battery pack that would slide into the length of the main chassis spine which is a 5 or 6" Hollow Steel Tube (Chassis will be rebuilt anyway). A second pack will fit around the motor in the rear motor area, hopefully gaining another 5-10kwh

The current gearbox (Peugeot 106 I believe it is) is not being used. I plan to use a belt or chain drive going through a Mazda MX5 MKI (Miata) Helical LSD made by Westgarage in Scotland and simply connect up to hubs with drive shafts as the vehicle currently uses. Using a Chain/Belt Drive LSD will allow different sprockets to be switched and makes the gearbox redundant anyway. I will then use a DNR control dial switch where the gear knob currently is.

Motor choice is undecided at the moment until I have the actual car to measure from and look at directly, but, given it might take a year or two to find the right car to buy, I'm half hoping Saietta (Cedric Lynch of Agni Motors fame) might released what looks like a liquid cooled Axial Flux Motor called E-Drive. If not, I'm not sure. The traditional Agni Motors I don't think would be powerful-enough as I want to improve the 21hp performance by maybe 20-30% if possible.

Comments welcome. I'm pretty new to the EV game, but messing with classic cars since a boy, so this is a little idea that might happen if a car comes along to buy as they are crazy rare in UK.


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