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SELLING: 2001 VW Jetta EV Conversion - $3500 obo

Vehicle equipment/Specifications/Features:

· 2001 Mark IV Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg Edition
· VIN: 3VWSD69M71M195838
· Odometer: 175401 miles
· EV conversion at: 91775 miles
· Motor: NetGain Warp-9 (9-inch), Series wound brushed DC, 144 V, 235 A, 34 kW, Air cooled
· Motor controller: EVnetics Soliton1, 1000A, Liquid cooled PWM
· Battery Charger: Manzanita Micro PFC-40; 120 – 240 VAC input, 40 Amp
o 12 / 4.5 hrs typical, 80% charge, (120 / 240 VAC input)
· Battery: Thunder Sky, Lithium-ion (LiFePO4), 160 Ah, 144 V (23 kWh)
o 45s configuration (23 cells in engine bay, 22 cells in trunk)
· Battery Management System (BMS): Optically coupled galvanic isolation, Distributed analog circuit design.
o individual cell undervoltage protection
o individual cell overvoltage protection
o aggregate pack undervoltage protection
o aggregate pack overvoltage protection
· Battery Energy/Coulombs: Brusa BCM400 DC Watt-hour/Amp hour multi-function meter
· Battery Volts: 0 – 200 VDC panel meter
· Battery Amps: 0 – 2.000 kA DC panel meter
· Battery charging Amps, Volts & Energy: Itron Sentinel AC Watt-hour meter
· Factory gas gauge tracks battery State of Charge
· Factory Low-fuel warning light warns driver of low battery SoC
· Motor temperature displayed on factory temperature gauge
· Motor RPM displayed on factory tachometer
· Power steering via OEM PS rack and Toyota MR2 12V hydraulic power steering pump
· Power brakes vacuum supplied by VW/Audi electric vacuum pump
· Factory Antilock Brakes
· Iota Engineering DLS-75, 75 Amp DC/DC converter
· Dual HV contactors isolate traction battery with ignition & emergency disconnect switch
· J1772 charging inlet located behind factory fuel door
· NEMA 6-50 240 V charging cable included
· NEMA 14-50 to 6-50 charging adapter included
· NEMA 5-20 120 V charging cable included
· Heating: 2 kW resistive liquid heater & factory heater core
· Aircon: 3 kW brushless DC scroll A/C compressor – controller not working
· Alpine CDE-141 CD/MP3/USB stereo, Rockford Fosgate subwoofer amp, Dual Kicker 8” subwoofers
· Factory 5-speed manual transverse transaxle with clutch
· Spare rebuilt transmission
· Spare battery cell
· Power sun roof
· Power windows
· Factory car alarm
· Window tint
· Spare tire
· Raised in Arizona – no rust

Known issues:
· Traction battery age. 43 of the 45 battery cells have been in service since 2010 and are showing their age. Battery pack has 83600 miles accumulated and approximately 2000 charge/discharge cycles. Charge cycle depth of discharge was typically 20 – 60%. Two of the cells have been replaced when their capacity dropped below 100 Ah. Most recent discharge test indicated 112 Ah (16.1 kWh) total pack capacity. Aggregate undervoltage alarm triggers when accelerating and drawing 300 Amps or more. This indicates that the internal resistance of the battery pack has increased and is subsequently limiting power to less than 40 kW.
· Transmission input shaft bearing is making noise. This is due to a possible alignment issue between motor and transmission. Transmission was replaced with a used unit at 135910 miles. After approximately 25000 miles, the used transmission eventually began making same noise.
· Air conditioning not working. Aftermarket brushless DC scroll compressor pump is functional and refrigerant charge is holding with correct pressures however, controller/inverter has failed.
· Right side outer CV boot is torn
· Rattle-can touch-up paint on rear bumper
· Right rear seat latch release handle broken
· Left rear exterior door handle missing bezel

This vehicle was my primary daily driver since it was converted in 2010 and has been very reliable for the past 83600 miles as an Electric Vehicle. I spent a considerable amount of effort and time designing and building this vehicle. Meticulous attention to detail and countless hours of custom modifications make this vehicle truly one of a kind. All electrical modifications and auxiliary electronic circuits are well documented with schematic and connection diagrams.

All applicable maintenance was performed on regular intervals and logged. Body and paint: The body is straight and in good condition. Vehicle was professionally painted in 2013. Finish has some scratches, abrasions and chips but is in good overall condition. Rear bumper scuffs required touch-up paint. Tires are in new condition. Front tires were replaced at 173992 miles – tread depth: LF = 10/32”, RF = 10/32”, LR = 6/32”, RR = 8/32”. Brakes are in good condition. Front rotors are high performance cross-drilled. Brake pad thickness: LF = 11/32”, RF = 10/32”, LR = 10/32”, RR = 10/32”.


Range: Range estimates vary considerably depending on the ambient temperature, travel conditions, driving style and battery health. Overall average energy consumption rate over 83600 miles was 324 Watt-hours per mile (DC). This translates to a range of 64 miles (new battery; 160 Ah) and 44 miles now with the battery at 112 Ah, using 90% of the available capacity. Again, range estimations are just that; estimates.

Top speed/acceleration: As with range, vehicle performance is directly related to battery temperature and age. When the battery was new, 0 – 60 mph acceleration times were typically around 12.5 seconds and top speeds of 90 mph or greater were easily achieved. With the battery in its present state, top speed and acceleration numbers will be slower.
Feel free to contact me with any questions or request for additional pictures of the build and conversion process. Buyer is responsible for ALL aspects of shipping vehicle: getting quote, payment & arranging for pickup/delivery. Vehicle weighs approximately 3560 lbs (2060 front & 1500 rear).


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A damned shame to part it out and whittle a table into a toothpick.

It's a tough market. Generally DIY conversions are only attractive to people who know how to fix them, and the only people who know how to fix them want to build their own. People here don't want something done, they want something custom that they made for themselves.

It's normal to see someone's car that's half-built and abandoned, but yours is one of the rare one's that's finished, and finished nicely, not just the minimum to get it rolling.

Maybe try specifically on some Jetta forums and hope someone with interest in both pipes up?

For sure, you'd make a lot more parting it out but.. damn, what a waste.

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You know, you'd be better off just keeping it and drive it like you stole it. Can't imagine selling off such a nice conversion.

Thanks Pete but due to lack of interest it looks like the fate of this vehicle will be the scrap yard...

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Thanks Pete but due to lack of interest it looks like the fate of this vehicle will be the scrap yard...
Sorry to hear about the lack of interest. It happens. I have picked up a couple good deals because of another's lack of interest. Just can't add any more to my collection.

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So sorry to hear about this. I’m just a few months too late! Did you try reaching out to the Tucson Electric Vehicle Association at all? I would have heard about it there and grabbed this thing. New to the forum, but look forward to saving other EVs and parts here in Tucson.
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