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Selling EV Car Project

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Hi Folks,

As I'm selling my house soon, and likely into something quite small in Wellington, I've decided I likely need to sell my incomplete EV Car project as is.
I've put it up on TradeMe to see if any interest.

The TradeMe link is:

Give me a yell on 0274 974 837 if you are interested.
I'm selling as one lot, not selling the electric components separately as I don't want to be left with bits and pieces.

If I don't sell I'll still try to find a way to complete it.

Best wishes
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Have re-listed this EV car as an auction. Definitely a way to get all these parts and a Warp 9 motor economically.

If this doesn't sell this way I may be willing to sell the Warp 9 motor separately along with any parts you specifically require. If interested you can contact me on 0274 974 837

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