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So this is a set of parts for a 2000/2001 honda insight. This was for a Volkswagen bug project I gave up on; included is 2x stators (and more spare stator housings), 2x rotors, 2x inverters. I also have bolts, bearing(s), manuals, schematics and CAD drawings of the stator so you can design plates and parts in CAD which will fit exactly. If I can find my CAD design of the entire motor which I planned on building I will including it also. The stators have water cooling pipes added which can be ignored or removed.

If you're not familiar with this stuff the inverters are quite simple by todays standards and can be controlled with a microcontroller quite easily. I started this on my project, so I have a Leaflabs Maple which is an Arduino type microcontroller but an ARM for more performance.

Here is a youtube video of the inverter powering a motor, this was a quite test:

I have no time for these kinds of projects anymore so I have to let it go, its a whole bunch of stuff and I'm selling it at a fraction of the cost that I spent on it. I will keep updating this ad with more details and photographs. I have to unpack everything and get good pics.

Price is $250 for everything. This would be great for an electric motorcycle or something! I'm located in the san francisco bay area
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