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I am selling a NetGain Warp11 motor. I was going to try and sell it on eBay but I figured I would find a better outlet to sell it on here.
The motor is used but was rebuilt by WEMOCO. They rebuild motors to new condition. After the rebuild the motor has not seen power.

The motor is a NetGain Warp 11
Also includes a NetGain TransWarp Tail Shaft Housing.
No Slip Yoke assembly.

NetGain TransWarP 11 ™ - Double ended shaft - advanced timing, 1.125" CE Shaft, 1.370", 32-tooth spline, double DE bearings
00-08711 $3,950.00 MSRP

NetGain Shaft Housing - Turbo 400 style "shorty" tail shaft housing
T400STS $180.00 MSRP

Totaling up to Over $4,000.00 in goodies on including shipping.

Shoot me a reasonable offer! I am not expecting to get $4000.

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