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I had to join the forum just to say that this is really impressive. Like CorkLandie, I am at about the same stage with my Series 3 SWB having picked up a project that someone started to convert to electric, but only got as far as the chassis, axels, and suspension. Jaunt is an inspiration, and their videos are outstanding.

I have wrestled with transmission vs. direct drive question and am leaning towards connecting the Hyper9 to the R380 and then then LT230. My calcs on the speeds say that it could go direct drive to the LT230 and still provide a decent speed for a Rover (and for where I will use it), but I am leery about needing a mechanical disconnect in case of a runaway, although I don't know how frequent they are and if it is really a concern.

Tom, what was your thinking on needing a mechanical disconnect? Or do you have something clever planned?
1 - 1 of 60 Posts