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setting up CAN BUS for elcon charger

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I am pulling my hair out but not going to give up -

I have a 3.3 KW charger that needs to receive can signals - below is the information I received from

The charger expects every second to receive a CAN message from the BMS with CAN ID 1806E5F4 and 8 data bytes with voltage and current required. For example 98V and 16A would be 980 = 03D4 hex and 0160 = 00A0 hex so the 8 data bytes would be 03D4 00A0 0000 0000. If the charger does not receive a valid CAN message in 5 seconds, it stops charging with a green blinking LED. It starts charging again when it gets a valid CAN message with a red blinking LED.

MY QUESTION - I want the setting to be for 145 volt max and 10 amp but I am confused about how and why or whn you need to add the zero like this guy did ?

Why did he add 0000 0000 to the end -

so would 10 amps be 0100 ? would 145 be 145 or 1450?
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