Used, but working. Currently programmed for ME1115 motor. Included with the controller, the IXXAT adapter needed to program it. Was used on a motorcycle with a Domino Throttle, and Switches. ON/OFF and Forward Switch ( can be included if you want them)
Sevcon Gen 4 Size 6 80V 550A Controller.
This controller is configured for ME 1115 PMAC Motenergy motor but with minor adjustments will work with the most, if not all, Motenergy air-cooled and water-cooled motors.

It needs to be configured for other motors. The configuration needs IXXAT USB to CAN interface (included) and Sevcon DVT Software.
The controller is ideal for all ev applications and in particular to convert or build a go-kart with breath-taking performance.
This is a legendary controller with unparalleled quality and
Nominal Battery Voltage: 72 to 80V DC
Maximum operating voltage: 116V DC
Peak Current (2 minites): 550A
Boost current (10 seconds) : 660A
Continuous current (60 min): 220A
Absolute UVW encoder input
Absolute sin/cos encoder input
Incremental AB encoder input
8 digital inputs
2 analogue inputs (can be configured as digital inputs)
3 contactor /solenoid outputs
1 encoder supply output programmable 5V or 10V