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SEVCON CAN Calibrator Emulator

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Having become frustrated in finding a CAN calibrator to program my SEVCON Powerpak controllers I set about to write a PC program.

If you're interested all the details can be found here -, including screen shots and explanations of what I've been able to discover to date. The long and the short of it is that together with a suitable CAN to Serial interface it's a fully functioning calibrator able to diagnose and program any (I think) Powerpak or Micropak controller.

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Nice work dave!

I have a sevcon I need to program for a friend. What dongle do you recommend?
I have a friend that needs to get a sevcon millipack 4qpm to work. Something isn't allowing the controller to enable.

I'll trade use, absolutely! You pick, PC or Handheld.
apparently I need a 662/14036 handheld.
Ahh, ok, we'll be renting one then.

I can let you borrow the PC one if you want....whatcha want it for?
1 - 4 of 25 Posts