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SEVCON CAN Calibrator Emulator

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Having become frustrated in finding a CAN calibrator to program my SEVCON Powerpak controllers I set about to write a PC program.

If you're interested all the details can be found here -, including screen shots and explanations of what I've been able to discover to date. The long and the short of it is that together with a suitable CAN to Serial interface it's a fully functioning calibrator able to diagnose and program any (I think) Powerpak or Micropak controller.

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Looks great. BTW, I've attached two PDF files that I received when I bought my Gizmo. It came with a PP745 controller. Depending on the setting in 1.6.2 the menu options can change and the behavior of the controller can be different, furthermore, the function of the pins on connection B on the controller can change. I'm including the files here because they list the CAN reference numbers. One is how my controller came programmed and the other is a generic setup.


If anyone wants to try it out you'll need a CAN to Serial interface. You'd need one for any kind of CAN work anyway. I'm going to go ahead an get a GridConnect GC-CAN-USB-LIGHT to test with my program in an attempt to make it more universal than using an Arduino and CAN Shield. The code is already in there for the GridConnect, I just haven't been able to test it.
It will be nice to hear how it works. I'd like to get into programming again but I have to be realistic with where I spend my time. I look forward to your report.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts