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Sevcon DVT - no EDS file, no access

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To introduce myself, my name is Bart, and I have a problem with using a Sevcon controller in a somewhat unusual application (connected to a Motoenergy motor, running as a starter and generator on a large Stirling engine). Nonetheless, I was hoping some people here might help. I have been browsing the forum for some time and it certainly helped to clear some matters up!

My issue is as follows. I have obtained a CAN adapter and the DVT software, with license from a dealer. When I connect to the controller however, the software displays a message that the .eds file was not found and if I want to create one. Then, when I say yes, I cannot do anything with the controller anywayand whatever I try to do, the DVT tells me that my access level is too low. So I cannot set pre-op for example.

I have already experimented with baud rates (no result), and I have asked the controller supplier if they have changed the passwords from defaults when setting up my system - they did not. As far as I know, the message about the eds file should not appear and I should not have the access problems. I have read all the possible instructions, manuals and watched all the tutorials I could find - nonetheless, no solution has been found. Does anyone know what the problem might be?
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EDS files are for CANopen. You can set the node to pre-op without knowing anything, just send this command on the bus:
COB-ID 0x000 0x80 0x00

This will set all modules to pre-op. More info here: CANopen - Wikipedia
Hello DIYs,
I have the same trouble as Bart - In DVT software I can't create EDS file and can't switch to Pre-operational mode. SW always says "Access level is too low".

Did somebody find what is wrong? Is there some colission with other software in the PC?

I have Windows 10 (2004), newest version of DVT (2021.06), Ixxat USB-to-CAN v2 converter, SEVCON GEN4 size4 controller and Motoenergy motor. DVT and TCL are installed directly on C drive root - as my dealer adviced me.

As user Dala replied above - is possible to switch controller to Pre-op mode directly with CAN message "0x000 0x80 0x00" but controller fall to error "4f01 Bad State" and setting isn't possible again :-(

Many thanks for all advices!
nobody react...

So finally I had to install DVT to Win7 in virtualbox and ask my dealer for new licence.
Greetings from Germany, I hope I can find some help here ;-)

0x0080 284291 - d500.0 0 SYNC
0x0701 284292 - d500.0 0 NMT { 0x05 }
0x0122 284294 - d499.7 0 Unknown { 0xC0 0x49 0x0C 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x46 0x03 }
0x0123 284295 - d 0.1 0 Unknown { 0x00 0x00 0x15 0x14 0x00 }
0x0124 284296 - d 0.1 0 Unknown { }
0x0125 284296 - d 0.0 0 Unknown { }
0x0183 284297 - d 0.1 0 Unknown { }
0x0080 289291 - d500.0 0 SYNC
0x0701 289292 - d500.0 0 NMT { 0x05 }

One step further it now logs, but ... should it look like this?
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