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Sevcon gen 4 controller wiring diagram

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Hi has anybody got any expertise on the Ashwood Hybrid unit, as fitted to Ford Transits, i bought a 2014 one, from a crash damaged vehicle, and ive had a look inside the battery box, and its got the Sevcon gen4 80v x 350amp controller inside and a bunch of Headway cells and although i can easily remove the basic controller and motor ect, its got a lot of spaghetti inside loom, and ime reluctant to play for fear of frying unit, so if i cant get it going, would like to put it up for sale on this site, for £800 complete, the motor alone is £1850 or ime even prepared to split into 3 pieces, i only bought it as it has a totally sealed motor, perfect for my motorcycle project, and i assumed i would of had it up and running in 5 mins, like my existing Sevcon millipack controller, and dc forklift pump motor, as used in an earlier project. This has not been the case and i am considering just fitting the FLT motor in for now, if i cant sort this out quickly. My project is i eventually want to produce a fully enclosed Feet Forward motorcycle, complete with a glider canopy, and outriggers, and a small suitcase generator, not only for trickle charging, and range extension , but also use the waste heat to enable cabin heating and demisting the canopy. but if anybody can forward an exact wiring diagram that would be great, ive seen a diagram on thunderstruck motors, but my unit has more wires branching off the 35pin block and i dont really know what they do, even with the manual and pin outs, its not quite the same, and i dont just want to just start joining wires up, one issue is an electrical unit which straddles the main Neg feed in? with a couple of twisted pair wires, in and out, ime sure if i remove this and reconfigure, it will be fine, but i just dont know? but its not much use as it is, anybody out there who could help, it would be much appreciated. Note i have contacted Ashwoods but the project has been sold on, and the new company has gone bust. Sevcon said they may be able to help but would have preferred to have had the program the controller was set up with? yours Dave Arthur