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Hi, it's a brand new sevcon gen4 size2 with a ME1718, 10 hours of use but no warranty given that each time i have to rent a laptop to configure it and the deposit is like a month of salary, let aside the price of the kit, that was 2x on electricmotorsport what it is on goldenmotor. Anyway...

I may ending up trashing my gen4 for anything able to run a ME1718 without the 1000 required cable and software, i need advice on that !

Short term tho I'm stuck with six flashs when I turn on the key. Whether the throttle is connected or not.

Raul ask me if i get 0.2volt as base volatge on throttle with key on, what i find to be scary is that whatever the voltage i am likely to need the cable and software again.

I much prefer to trash my gen4 learning programming than waiting again for the electricmotorsport helpdesk, so if someone have real knowledge of sevcon, i am ready to mess around
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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