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Sevcon help needed

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I am building a electric motor cross bike Using a ME1114 and a Sevcon
Gen 4 size 6 controller. I have the IXXAT USB-CAM v2 interface, licence and
every thing wired up. 72V 4.8KW battery But I am having no luck getting it to
spin, or even connected to the controller. I have gone over the wiring several times but cannot find what I have done wrong. Can be that hard Right??
The motor will hum for a second if I rotate the motor by hand, with every thing on, but that is all, no rotation.

First the ME1114 has a Sine / Cosine pickup for the motor feed back. In the Sevcon manual Pins 21 (sine) and 35 (cosine) are an "Alternative input" and
says "only if specified in h/w build". What does this mean? Does the controller need to be configured for this type of encoder??

I made the DB9 connector for the USB to Can to the controller but cannot establish a connection to the controller or the computer.
In the wiring harness that was made there is a jumper from pin 2 to pin 27 would anyone know the reason this would be needed?

Any help to trouble shoot this would be greatly appreciated.

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Right, CAN needs to be properly terminated. Resistance between H and L should be about 60Ohm (120Ohm resistor on each end of the bus). The other thing is CAN speed - depending on the version of the firmware in the Sevcon it may default to a different speed. So you may need to click through several (typically higher baud) options to find the correct one.

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Wow that was a few years ago, but thanks. We have been using the Curtis 1236 series controller with good results.
The Curtis controllers are much easier to program and learn, but limited in the max. Amp's output.

I did get the Sevcon running but never had the throttle response right. It always seems to lag to much.
If you have any of the parameters for the throttle, I have recently setup the Sevcon again to try again.
email me at sales at xemx1 dot com

This is the latest video of the XE4. If you search "First Look XE4" on Youtube there are more video of our progress.
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