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I am building a electric motor cross bike Using a ME1114 and a Sevcon
Gen 4 size 6 controller. I have the IXXAT USB-CAM v2 interface, licence and
every thing wired up. 72V 4.8KW battery But I am having no luck getting it to
spin, or even connected to the controller. I have gone over the wiring several times but cannot find what I have done wrong. Can be that hard Right??
The motor will hum for a second if I rotate the motor by hand, with every thing on, but that is all, no rotation.

First the ME1114 has a Sine / Cosine pickup for the motor feed back. In the Sevcon manual Pins 21 (sine) and 35 (cosine) are an "Alternative input" and
says "only if specified in h/w build". What does this mean? Does the controller need to be configured for this type of encoder??

I made the DB9 connector for the USB to Can to the controller but cannot establish a connection to the controller or the computer.
In the wiring harness that was made there is a jumper from pin 2 to pin 27 would anyone know the reason this would be needed?

Any help to trouble shoot this would be greatly appreciated.

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