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Sevcon MillipaK 4Q Controller w/ Regen Braking + Handheld Programmer - $495

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Sevcon MillipaK 4Q 48v 300 Amp Regen Controller for Brush-Type Motors with handheld programmer.

$495 plus shipping

This controller was part of a EV science project (total use time of the controller was less than about 1 hour). I can show you the project if you like. If the controller fails to work, I will refund your money.

The Millipak™4Q controller operates in full 4-quadrant mode allowing contactor-free operation in direction changing and regenerative braking. It operates in either torque or closed loop speed control mode.

The Millipak™4Q permits adjustable regenerative braking without the use of additional electronic circuitry and contactors.


Compact Design
Silent Operation
Torque/Speed Control
Regenerative Braking
Integrated Logic Unit
Calibrator Interface
Flash Memory
IP66 Protection
Soft start pump option

Battery Voltage 48V
Max. power output 4 kW
Peak current (1 min.) 300A

The Sevcon hand-held Calibrator (a.k.a portable programming unit) can be used to adjust parameters and reprogramming of controllers.


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The controller and programmer are only being sold together - sorry - if I sell the programmer, I will be left with a useless (to me) controller.
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