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Sevcon PCpak to Millipak - getting the connection

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for the benefit of all...
I purchased a SEVCON millipak controller and PCpak software. To get connected with it took some experimentation because the pdf documentation says very little. I got connected and this is the proceedure:
1) set your USB serial port to an open port and use 115.2K bps baud, 8 bits, 1 stop bit.
2) connect 2 12 volt batteries in series to make about 25VDC across terminals B- and B+ of the controller.
3) put a single pin into the pin 1 of the molex 16 pin connector on port B of the millipak controller
4) use a jumper to connect pin 1 on port B to B+ (25VDC). Note the green led next to port A on the millipak controller turns on Green and then begins to flash
5) open the PCpak software
6) go to [tools] then [options] and set the protocol (protocol tab) radio button to protocol 2 (millipak)
7) switch to the [options] connection tab and make sure the com port is set correctly - not sure - look up your com port under system / devices in your laptop control panel
8) pull down the connection menu item from the menu bar and click connect - that should get you online
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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