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Sevcon PowerPak help!!

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I am new to all this and have been searching around here for a a while... finally decided to make an account to see if i can get this stupid truck going.

Background: I bought a little mini japanese truck from someone online. It has been converted over to electric with the Sevcon powerpak system running 72v.

I keeping getting an "Accel Fault"

It will drive around for days without an issue and then it comes back and wont work.. few days later back to working fine.. its making me crazy and i cant really use this thing.

What i can not figure out is how to fix this, everything seems wired right, i am getting 0-5v coming back to the accel input. earlier today i got annyoyed and unhooked it and the FS completely and still getting the same error.. any ideas??
thank you!
-Electric car noob
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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