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Several tips about the electric scooter

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1.How to judge whether the electric motor is a 60°or 120°one?
Firstly unplug the hall connector between brushless motor controller and electric motor,and then activate the electric lock, twist the throttle slowly, if the motor reponses, which means it is a 60°one, If the motor remains still, which means it is a 120°motor 。
2.How to modify a 60°motor to a 120°one?
Opening a 60° motor, you will detect among the 3 halls, there is one hall which is in different direction from that of the other 2 halls. The motor will become 120°,if you turn that hall to the same direction as others.
3. What should you consider when changing the hall of a brushless e scooter motor.?
First ,see the lining sequence of the hall, the face with words on is front, otherwise it is the bottom .If the 3 halls are lined in “front, front, front” mode ,it is a 60 °If the lining sequence is “front, bottom, front”, it is a 120°. It is suggested that the 3 halls in one motor shall be the same model. Quickness and precision are required when welding. do not mix the wiring sequence, or the phase order will be changed. And before replacement, one should memorize the previous position of halls.
4. How to quick test the quality of a brushless motor?(Without regard to hall component)
Simple method,
When the 3 phase wires are spare, there should be no resistence if one spin the motor manually, shorts out any 2 of the phase wires, there should be a constant resistence. If no resistence come out, it means one phase wire is broken.
5How to detect the quality of the battery, how to find out the real capacity of your battery
1,If the battery can be charged for long without the indicator turning green, the battery will heat up, once this situation happens, the battery will expand, and change its shape.
2. Roughly test the quality of the battery. Driving 10km after battery get fully charged, Using a 100a resistence wire to discharge, In the meanwhile, detect the voltage of each battery. Normally, the voltage of each battery is almost same, the tolerance will be less than 0.2v.But If some battery has a very obvious voltage gap over 0.2V comparing to others, it means this battery is damaged.
If you wanna the test results to be accurate, you could check the discharge time after the battery fully charged. Discharge a 12AH battery in 5A, according to the standards, it will end up in 2.4h,but many battery in the market are below standards nowadays. Normally we can call the battery “a good one” if the discharge time is over 2h.The shorter the discharge time is, the worse the battery is.