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Hi guys im new to the EV world but i found your forum and am hoping somone with some experience would be able to chime in on my plans and maybe stop me before i do something really stupid.

So i have a free 3ph 208/480 10hp induction motor and i would like to somehow make use of it on a buggy that im looking to be building. i have a 6000w 220v 1ph generator im looking to mount on the front of the buggy to provide power (batteries are expensive).

one idea i had was to use a second motor attached to the drive axle and use the third leg off of that motor rotary-converter style. i have no idea how this would actually work because of the axle being stationary when i need maximum torque but i would assume it would work. I would also need a way to control the speed on that setup, i have no idea how that would work, maybe a PWM controller?

VFD 1ph to 3ph would the most straight forward solution but im not sure how the VFD would handle fast throttle inputs without overheating or just straight up locking out to keep the amps down. Im also not sure how fast the application of throttle would actually work in this situation.
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