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Hey folks, after being out of stock for a few weeks due to the semiconductor shortage, I now have the SimpBMS back in stock.

If you're not familiar with the SimpBMS system, it's a BMS that can be used with battery modules from OEM EVs without having to wire up individual cell taps. It communicates over CANbus with the balance boards, making it simpler and cheaper than a traditional BMS. Most of my customers use it with Tesla modules, but it also works with some other OEM modules.

I sell on eBay and direct over email -- whichever you prefer. I've also temporarily reduced the price by buying direct over email to $629.

SimpBMS Tesla Battery Management System For Tesla Model S/X Battery Modules | eBay

Email: [email protected]

I'm using this in my own conversion with Tesla modules. These boards are great for EV conversions and energy storage applications.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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