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I see lots of stuff on the internet for EV kits, but, not much for hybrids.

Am I just not looking hard enough?

Seems to me the idea kit would be simple and relatively cheap. It wouldn't win races or have a 100 mile range, but, it would get you around for modest distances, say maybe 10-20 miles and would be easy to install.

I think the best way to achieve this would be with a pair of wheel hub motors, no more than 10 hp each, mounted on the rear of a very small, light car such as a metro or and old crx. For simplicity, the car would have to have manual steering, brakes and tranny.

Such a vehicle would get some, maybe most of us to work and back on 'trons alone. If they didn't, you'd still have that ICE lump up forward as a backup.

I would think that such hub mounted motors, doing the pushing at the end the manufacturer didn't design it for, would be OK, so long as you kept torque at very modest levels.

An added advantage would be 4x4 capability which, given this winter's lovely weather, would be kinda nice.
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