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simplified EV

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you have the car add the parts !
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Sounds great. But not every car is a good candidate even if you already own a car.
HI i am woodyahh I am a newbi. Here is my question what can you do with 3600 volts I do not no watts or amps . you could use 500 watt @ 938 v ac 2200 rpm X ? my target speed is 0 to 80 mph using batt power to spin up volts for hwy speeds then switch to direct H V to sustain the speed what do you think! what motor do you use ?
Hello Woody and welcome to the forum. I'm not following your post very well. Are you shooting for a 3,600 DC volts? Hopefully, not. A 500 Watt system will not get you far.. or even move the car much.

Read some more on the forum and familiarize yourself with the terms and power levels of a typical EV.

Thanks for the reply
My basic idea is to power a motor ac or dc with batt power to get going than switch to direct HV alt power to power drive motor so far I have come up with 300- 500 volts ,600-700 watts 1.4 kw @1800 rpm x 4 would that be enough power to run an electric car and not use battery power
Thanks I will read some info on ev power
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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