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Six_Shooter signing in...

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Just thought I'd introduce myself.

I've been interested in an EV conversion since about the late '80s, when I saw a short story played on the news, that showed a Ford EXP that had been converted to electric for a local police department. In that story they compared power and driveability to then current Caprice police cruiser. The EXP kick butt hands down, even accounting for the weight difference between the two vehicles.

I've never really had the means to actually perform an EV conversion, mostly due to funds, I have more than enough ability and desire, just never had the funds to buy all the parts and a second vehicle to perform the conversion on. Well it's now a couple decades later, I own several vehicles and one, a 1985 GMC S-15 Jimmy, has been taken apart for about 3 years now, (It's actually been apart longer, but that was for other reasons) to go the EV route. I almost put a gas engine back in it, since I really needed a truck more than the car I was driving at the time. Well, I recently got a smoking deal on a truck I can use for the long hauling, and not need to worry about being left stranded, due to discharged batteries, while I finally pursue the EV SUV that I've wanted to build for several years now.

I fully admit I really haven't been keeping up with EV technology as much as I should have, but it seems that much hasn't really changed in the last few years, just new controllers and suppliers have popped up, and the limiting factor seems to be the batteries...still...

I have some VERY lofty goals for my EV conversion, I won't mention any of them, since I know I will be called a fool, but once I start this project, I will reach my goals, in some form.

This site looks like a great source and has already answered some questions I had, and I'm sure will answer many more.

BTW any EV clubs in the Southern Ontario Canada area? I know I looked a few years ago and couldn't find any.
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